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Cleaning Your Home Made Simple | તમારા ઘરની સફાઈ સરળ બનાવવી

Good housecleaning has never gone out of style, but it has taken on a new priority in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.Whether you are spending more time at home or have returned part-time to in-person work or school, smart, effective cleaning strategies can help keep your home and family safe and healthy.Safe and simple are key criteria for choosing from among the wide variety of today’s home cleaning products.  However, consumers also want cleaners that are tough and effective, that don’t just eliminate stains and spots, but also kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.To that point, many people want to make cleaning easier, and that includes one-stop shopping.One such product, all-n-all, tackles cleaning, stain removal and deodorizing in one single step. The multipurpose cleanser contains ingredients derived from renewable resources, natural products including hydrogen peroxide and plant derived essential oils. It is designed to deliver a tough cleaning punch throughout th

Here’s How One Company Is Doing Right for the Planet | એક કંપની ગ્રહ માટે કેવી રીતે યોગ્ય કરી રહી છે તે અહીં છે

Not that long ago, "sustainability" in the business world was defined as being able to stay afloat even in trying economic times. But these days, when Greta Thunberg may be the most famous Swede since Ingrid Bergman, it’s taken on a whole different meaning – what the Harvard Business School describes as efforts to "positively impact the environment and/or society."Of course, some businesses, like Whirlpool Corporation, have been ahead of the game, and are now setting even higher new targets to tackle climate change. "We established our first office for sustainability over 50 years ago," said Marc Bitzer, the company’s chairman and CEO.1. Achieving Net-Zero Carbon Emissions in Plants and Operations By 20301. Achieving Net-Zero Carbon Emissions in Plants and Operations By 2030That’s the updated commitment to environmental sustainability that the world’s leading kitchen and laundry appliance company just announced this month.To get there, the company has been

Snow Removal App Eases Winter Storms | સ્નો રિમૂવલ એપ શિયાળાના તોફાનોને સરળ બનાવે છે

Each winter, unpredictable weather creates an avalanche of logistical and financial problems for local governments.As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, these challenges are compounded by staffing shortages due to illness and quarantine. Local government officials struggle to find ways to keep their streets clear and safe, while meeting the expectations of local schools, businesses and residents, and managing spiraling costs.However, the easy-to-use technology that has fueled the success of ride-sharing services is making inroads, so to speak, in snowplow fleet management and delivering a real difference for U.S. cities and towns this winter.SNOWiQ, an Uber-like mobile application, helps municipalities quickly boost and manage their snowplow fleets. The program can match available plows and drivers with the snowy streets that need them most, enhancing local resources with the help of on-demand area contractors. The system clears the way for any resident or contractor with a truck and