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Sant Surdas Yojana Gujarat – e samaj kalyan | સંત સુરદાસ યોજના

Divyang Pension Yojana Gujarat. Disability Pension Plan Form. e samaj kalyan portal. Social welfare schemes

Many government schemes for Social Security are run by the Central Government and the Government of Gujarat. Disability Welfare Schemes, Disability Assistance Schemes, Widow Pension Schemes, Old Age Assistance Schemes etc. are run. By taking advantage of government schemes, the destitute old people, the disabled and the widows of the society can live a dignified life in the society.

Divyang Pension Yojana - SJED

An online application is accepted so that such beneficiaries seeking social security can easily avail the benefits. Online portals have been created by various departments for Sarkari Yojana of Gujarat Government, such as e-Samajkalyan, Digital Gujarat Portal, NSAP Portal etc. In which Divyang Lagna Sahay, Palak Mata Pita Yojana, Niradhar Vrudh Sahay Yojana and Sant Surdas Yojana etc. can fill online forms of more than 58 schemes through e samaj.

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Divyang Pension Yojana - SJED

Purpose of Sant Surdas Yojana

Amount of Sant Surdas Yojana assistance

Eligibility of Sant Surdasyojana

Benefits according to the percentage of disability

Sant Surdar Yojana Online Apply

Sant Surdas Yojana Documents Pdf

eSamajKalyan Application Status

Purpose of Sant Surdas Yojana

The Sant Surdas Yojana has been implemented by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department Gujarat- SJED to provide financial assistance to a person with severe disability, for the holistic development of the disabled as well as for their rehabilitation in the society by providing them financial assistance.

Amount of Sant Surdas Yojana assistance

Under this scheme disabled beneficiaries are given a monthly pension of Rs.600 (six hundred rupees). This assistance is credited to the beneficiary's bank account through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).

Eligibility of Sant Surdasyojana

Eligibility for Government of Gujarat's e-Social Welfare Scheme has been determined. In which the following eligibility has been determined for Sant Surdas - Disability Pension.

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Important Note: -

Beneficiaries from the Ministry of Rural Development of the Government of India for Rural Areas as well as the Ministry of Urban Housing and Poverty Alleviation of the Government of India for Urban Areas The benefit is rewards.

યોજનાનું નામ

Sant Surdas Yojana Online


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દિવ્યાંગોનો સર્વાંગી વિકાસ થાય તેમજ તેઓને નાણાંકીય સહાય
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દિવ્યાંગતા ધરાવતા લાભાર્થીઓને

સહાયની રકમ-1

દિવ્યાંગ લાભાર્થીઓને માસિક રૂપિયા 600 (છસ્સો રૂપિયા) પેન્‍શન

ઓફિશીયલ વેબસાઈટ

અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવી

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Benefits according to the percentage of disability
The percentage of disability is fixed by e Samaj to avail the benefit of Disabled Person Pension Scheme. The percentage for which disability is fixed is as follows.

Sr. No. F  or the benefit of disability
              Percentage of paralysis
  • 1 blindness 80% or more paralysis
  • 2 Muscular degeneration due to genetic causes 80% or more paralysis
  • 3 Hearing loss 80% or more paralysis
  • 4 Chronic neurological conditions 80% or more paralysis
  • 5 Common traumatic fatal bleeding 80% or more paralysis
  • 6 Low vision 80% or more paralysis
  • 7 shaking muscular stiffness 80% or more paralysis
  • 8 Intellectual disability 80% or more paralysis
  • 9 Decreased amount of hemoglobin 80% or more paralysis
  • 10 Hemorrhagic-cured 80% or more paralysis
  • 11 Chronic anemia 80% or more paralysis
  • 12 80% or more paralysis victims of 12 acid attacks
  • 13 Movement disability 80% or more paralysis
  • 14 Cerebelpalsy 80% or more paralysis
  • 15 Dwarfism 80% or more paralysis
  • 16 Mentally ill 80% or more paralysis
  • 17 Multiple sclerosis-body tissues
  • Hardening deformity 80% or more paralysis
  • 18 Special studies related paralysis 80% or more paralysis
  • 19 Speech and Language Disability 80% or more
  • Developmental of 20 neuro-neurons
  • 20 Defect in position 80% or more
  • 21 Many disabilities including deaf blindness 80% or more

Sant Surdar Yojana Online Apply

An online form filling service is being set up for Gujarat Yojana so that citizens do not have to go to government office frequently. Application for financial assistance for disabled under Sant Surdas Yojna can be applied online from Samaj Kalyan Portal. For which the following steps have to be followed.

First go to Google Search Bar and type 'e samaj kalyan portal'.

In which the website for online application of e-social welfare has to be opened.

If there is a new user on e-social welfare portal “New User? Please Register Here ”.

After successful registration, the beneficiary will have to open his personal page by clicking on "e samaj kalyan Citizen Login".

The scheme will be shown by the beneficiary as per his caste shown at the time of registration.

In which you have to go to Sant Surdas Yojana Online Form and fill in your information and submit the application.

Sant Surdas Yojana Documents Pdf

E samaj kalyan yojana is a different document requirement by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. In order to avail the benefits of Sant Surdas Yojana, the following documents are required.

Copy of Divyang Identity Card

Certificate of Disability of Civil Surgeon

Proof of Residence (Ration Card / Election Card / Driving License etc.)

Proof of age (L.C / birth certificate any one)

Gram Panchayat sample of BPL score of 0 to 20 for rural area / any one of the golden jubilee cards

Copy of bank passbook

aadhar card

eSamajKalyan Application Status

Online application of many schemes of various departments can be done on e-Social Welfare Portal. In which the status of the application can be known after applying online under this scheme. e Samaj Kalyan Application Status can be found online from the following Direct Link.

Application Status can be found online from the Direct Link given below.

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