Sankat Mochan Yojana 2021। સંકટ મોચન યોજના 2021

National Family Assistance Scheme. Sankatmochan Yojana 2021. Sankat Mochan Yojana form pdf. Gujarat Government yojana list 2021.

The purpose of the  Sankat Mochan Yojana
The Government of Gujarat runs various schemes with the objective of helping the economically weaker sections of the society. In which the main earner of the family living below the poverty line (BPL) dies in a natural or accidental accident by the Department of Social Security and the benefit of  Sankat Mochan Yojana or National Family Assistance Scheme is given to help the family financially in this sudden calamity. This scheme is also known as National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS).

Key points of the Sankat Mochan yojana
The purpose of the Sankat Mochan yojana
Eligibility of Sankat Mochan yojana
Amount of assistance in Sankat Mochan yojana
Where to apply for Sankat Mochan yojana
Who has the authority to approve the application for Sankat Mochan yojana?
Documents for Sankat Mochan yojana
Special Note on Sankat Mochan yojana
Sankat Mochan yojana Form
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Eligibility for Sankat Mochan yojana

1. Under BPL (Poverty Line), if the main earner of a family with a score of 0 to 20 (male or female) dies naturally or in an accident, the family is entitled to the benefit of the  Sankat Mochan Yojana

2. The age of the deceased man or woman should be more than 18 years and less than 60 years.
3. To avail the benefit of Sankat Mochan Yojana , the beneficiary has to apply within 2 years of death.

Amount of assistance in  Sankat Mochan Yojana
Under Sankat Mochan Yojana i.e. Rashtriya Kutumb Sahay Yojana Gujarat Yojana, a lump sum assistance of Rs. 20,000 / - is paid to the family of the deceased earner through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).

Where to apply for  Sankat Mochan Yojana
It has been decided where and how to apply for Gujarat Government schemes. It is also decided to do How to Apply for Sankat Mochan Yojana. The scheme requires online application.

The Government of Gujarat has started the process of online application from Digital Gujarat Portal Website at Gram Panchayat to make Sankat Mochan Yojana Online.

Online form has to be filled on Digital Gujarat portal (Digital Gujarat login) from VCE at Gram Panchayat. To avail benefits under Sankat Mochan Yojana, one has to apply for Digital Gujarat Portal online from VCE (Village Computer Entrepreneur) at any Gram Panchayat.

You have to apply online on Digital Gujarat Portal at the "Computer Operator of Social Security Office" at Taluka Mamlatdar's office.
Source : Digital Gujarat Portal Official Yojana Website

Who has the authority to approve the application for Sankat Mochan Yojana ?
The power to approve / reject after receiving the application of the applicant under the  after conducting the necessary verification is vested in the Mamlatdar of the area.
Document For Sankat Mochan Yojana

Beneficiaries registered under the Poverty Line (BPL) benefit under the National Family Assistance Scheme under the National Social Assistance Program. Assistance of this scheme is available in case of death of the main earning male / female who is above 18 years of age and under 60 years of age. Required Document for Gujarat Sankat Mochan Yojana 2021 to avail the benefit of Sankat Mochan Yojana is given below.

1. Death pattern of main earner (female / male)

2. Aadhaar card of the applicant (male / female)

3. Any one proof of residence (election card / ration card etc.)

4. Passbook of the beneficiary's bank account

5. Example of applicant being BPL beneficiary

6. Birth pattern / age pattern of the main breadwinner of the family

Special Note on Crisis Relief Scheme
Certificate for BPL score for beneficiaries who are included in the BPL (Poverty Line Below List) prepared by the government on the basis of social and economic survey as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Rural Development for the beneficiaries in rural areas and beneficiaries in urban areas. Beneficiaries included in the list prepared by the Ministry
If the application for Sankat Mochan Yojana (National Family Assistance) is rejected by the Mamlatdar of that area, an appeal can be made against it to the concerned provincial officer within 60 days.
Under Crisis Relief Scheme, only Rs. Assistance of 20000 / - (twenty thousand) is available.
 Sankat Mochan Yojana Form
To avail the benefits of this scheme, the Government of Gujarat has prepared an application form in the prescribed format. The following forms can be used to avail this scheme.

 Sankat Mochan Yojana 2021। સંકટ મોચન યોજના 2021

National Family Assistance Scheme. Sankatmochan Yojana 2021. Sankat Mochan Yojana form pdf. Gujarat Government yojana list 2021

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