Free Umbrella Scheme Gujarat | Free umbrella scheme. Horticultural scheme.મફત છત્રી યોજના । બાગાયતી યોજના

Mafat Chhatri Yojana | ikhedut Portal | Plan for fruit and vegetable sellers. Horticultural Scheme. Farmer oriented scheme

Various government schemes are run by the government for the development of different classes in Gujarat State. The important objective is to enable the citizens to take advantage of the schemes and lead a dignified life in the society by doing small business. Many schemes like women oriented schemes, student oriented schemes, scholarship schemes, farmer oriented schemes etc. are run by the government. Various government schemes are also run online by ikhedut for farmers, pastoralists, horticulture or fruit sellers etc. by the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Government of Gujarat. This article will provide detailed information about the free umbrella scheme run under the horticulture scheme.

Key points of the free umbrella scheme

The purpose of the free umbrella scheme

Mafat Chhatri Yojana eligibility

Mafat Chhatri Yojana Benefit

Free Umbrella Scheme Document

ikhedut portal Registration Step by Step

What to do after applying online

Last date to apply

Mafat Chhatri Yojana Gujarat

Agriculture cooperation department, Gujarat of Government has started accepting online applications for farmer oriented schemes. Bagayati Yojana introduces new methods to increase the production of fruits and vegetables. With this in mind, a scheme has been implemented to provide free umbrellas to small sellers to prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables. To avail this free umbrella scheme one has to apply online on Ikhedut Portal.

The purpose of the free umbrella scheme

Those who sell fruits and vegetables of Gujarat state are given the benefit of this scheme. Under the scheme, small sellers will be provided free umbrellas or shed covers to prevent spoilage of their fruits and vegetables. For this scheme small sellers will have to register on ikhedut portal online.

Mafat Chhatri Yojana eligibility

Bagayati Yojana will provide direct equipment assistance to small sellers. For which the eligibility of the beneficiary has been decided by the Government of Gujarat. Who is eligible to avail the benefits of this free umbrella scheme can be found through the following information.

The sellers of fruits and vegetables will get the benefit of this scheme.

Beneficiaries will find them selling flowers.

The applicant will be found selling on the road side, haat or small market.

Small lorry hawkers will also benefit from this scheme.

Smaller sellers will benefit from the free umbrella scheme by selling agricultural products that are perishable.

Highlight Point of i khedut Mafat Chhatri Yojana

યોજનાનું નામ

Mafat Chhatri Yojana Gujarat 2021


ગુજરાતી અને English


ફૂલો, ફળ અને શાકભાજીનો બગાડ અટકાવવા મફત છત્રી આપવા આવશે.


ફળો, શાકભાજી અથવા ફૂલોનું વેચાણ કરતા નાના વેચાણકારોને


સાધન સહાય- મફત છત્રી

ikhedut portal website  

અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવી

Click કરો.

અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ

15/09/2021 સુધી ઓનલાઈન અરજી થશે

 mafat Chhatri Yojana Benefit

  Those who sell fruits, flowers and vegetables in these Gujarat Government Schemes will get the benefit of this scheme. Under this scheme, free umbrellas will be provided to small vendors selling such perishable crops in small markets, haats or lari felia. The benefit of this scheme will be available to the individual and the organization.

The scheme will provide one umbrella to small sellers per Aadhaar card.

An umbrella will be provided to the adult beneficiary.

Free Umbrella Scheme Document

Online application of various government schemes has been started by horticulture department through ikhedut portal. The following Document will be required to avail the free umbrella.

1. Copy of Aadhaar card

2. Identity card issued by Gujarat Urban Livelihood Mission (if any)

3. Xerox of ration card

4. Certificate of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) (if any)

5. Certificate of Disability (if any)

6. Certificate of registration if the organization is to avail the benefit

ikhedut portal Registration Step by Step

To avail Mafat Chhatri Yojna In Gujarat under i Portal Scheme, online form has to be filled. Small sellers can apply from village level to VCE, from taluka office, to those who are working on computer. The online application for this scheme can also be done from home.

The beneficiary will first have to type 'ikhedut Portal' in 'Google Search'.

Where to open the website

Click on “Yojana” after opening the farmer website.

After opening on the scheme, open "Horticulture Schemes" at No. 3.

After opening “Bagayati Yojana” will be showing various schemes.

Including Dragon Foot, Plug Nursery, free umbrella scheme for fruit and vegetable sellers etc.

Clicking on "Free umbrellas for small sellers to prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables".

Where all the instructions have to be read. Then you have to choose "You are an individual beneficiary or an institutional beneficiary".

 Are you a registered applicant? In which if you have registered earlier then you have to say "yes" and if you have not done "no" then you have to process further.

Save the application after the beneficiary has filled in all the information carefully.

The beneficiary has to confirm the application by checking the details of his free umbrella scheme application. There will be no correction or increase in the application number after the application is confirmed. To take note of.

The beneficiary will be able to get the print based on the application.

What to do after applying online

After the beneficiary has applied online for the free umbrella scheme, the print has to be taken from the ikhedut portal.

The beneficiary has to sign / coin this print.

The documents required in the application should be attached and submitted to the district horticulture office within the stipulated time.

Application details of Mafat Chhatri Yojana received by the beneficiary will be verified. Where prior approval will be given from the district office within the target limit.

Applicants selected for the Umbrella Scheme will be notified by the District Office. From where you have to get an umbrella in due time.

Last date to apply

To prevent spoilage of these fruits and vegetables through horticultural schemes, small sellers will have to apply for the scheme online to provide umbrellas or shade cover free of cost. Free Umbrella scheme in Gujarat can apply online for the scheme till 15/09/2021.

Important Link of Ikhedut Portal

Mafat Chhatri Application Status  

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Free Umbrella scheme Application Print  

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Direct Link Free Umbrella Scheme Online Application

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Application Confirm

Click Here 


Free Umbrella Scheme Gujarat | Free umbrella scheme. Horticultural scheme.મફત છત્રી યોજના । બાગાયતી યોજના

Mafat Chhatri Yojana | ikhedut Portal | Plan for fruit and vegetable sellers. Horticultural Scheme. Farmer oriented scheme                    

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