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Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana 2021 | Smart Hand Tools Kit Scheme | i Khedut Status

 Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana 2021 | Smart Hand Tools Kit Scheme | i Khedut Status

Smart Hand Tool Kits | i-khedut Portal Online Registration | Smart Hand Tools Kit. Farmer oriented scheme. Smart Hand Tool Kit Agriculture

Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana Gujarat

The State Government is constantly striving for the upliftment of the farmers and for the development of the farmers. Ikhedut portal has been prepared by the state's agriculture cooperation department. Through which information of agricultural schemes is easily available to the farmers. In addition, farmers can get information about various assistance schemes such as agricultural schemes, animal husbandry schemes. Farmers can get information about their farm produce as well as various market prices through their mobiles.

The purpose of the Smart Hand Tools Kit

Marginal farmers in the state and those who have very little land and are engaged in farming in rural areas will be eligible. This tool is provided to help the farm laborers engaged in farming not to have to work harder in farming and increase their productive capacity. Under this scheme, "Smart Hand Tools Kit" will be provided to farm laborers, laborers and marginal farmers at concessional rates.

Eligibility to get Smart Hand Tools Kit

The applicant should be a farmer.

Under Gujarat Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana 2021, eligible farmers are provided equipment assistance at concessional rates. The list of these tools is as follows.

1. Synth 9. Sugar cane bud cutter

2. Seed Debler 

3. Wheel Ho (single wheel) 

4. Automatic Orni (a necklace) 

5. Wheel Borough 

6. Fruit Catcher (Wado) 

7. Sea cutter with 

8. Vegetable planter 

9. Paddy Weeder 18. Koita

10. Paddy Pedal Thresher

11. Someone tool

12. Puning show tool

13. Unwiltry Branch Lutcher

14. Adjustable Tree Looper

15 wheelho kits

16. Manual paddy cider

Highlight Point of Smart Hand Tool Kit Agriculture

Plan Name Smart Hand Tools Kit

Languages ​​Gujarati and English

Objective Equipment assistance at a concessional rate to farm laborers

Beneficiary marginal and farm laborers

Assistance will be 90% of the total cost or less than Rs.10,000 (ten thousand).

Valid website

યોજનાનું નામ

Smart Hand Tools Kit


ગુજરાતી અને English


 ખેત મજૂરોને રાહત દરે સાધન સહાય


સીમાંત અને ખેત મજૂરોને

સહાયની રકમ

કુલ ખર્ચના 90% અથવા રૂ.10,000 (દસ હજાર) બે માંથી ઓછું હોય તે સહાય મળશે.

માન્ય વેબસાઈટ  

અરજી કેવી રીતે કરવી

Click કરો.

અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ


Last date to apply is 04/10/2021

 Conditions for obtaining a Smart Hand Tools Kit

• i-Farmer - Gujarat State Portal Online form has to be filled.

• Only farm laborers and marginal farmers will be eligible.

ખેડ The farmer applicant will have to give prior approval to get this instrument assistance.

• Beneficiary farmer has to purchase from a recognized seller of Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation, Gandhinagar.

K ikhedut The farmer can also buy from ABC and ASC recognized by Gujarat.

Assistance Standard in Smart Hand Tools Scheme

Under the Gujarat Government's subsidy scheme, ikhedut portal subsidy has been fixed under this scheme. As per this subsidy scheme 2021, assistance will be given to farm laborers and marginal farmers. Which are as follows.

Farm laborers and marginal farmers will be eligible for the Smart Hand Tools Kit Scheme.

Smart Hand Tool Kit Yojana Document

   The i-khedut portal has started filling up online forms for various government schemes in the current financial year. In which the following Document is required to fill the form of this scheme.

1. Copy of Aadhaar card of farmer or farm laborer

2. ikhedut portal 7/12

3. Copy of ration card

4. Certificate of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (if any)

5. Certificate of Disability for Disabled Applicant (if any)

6. Consent form of other stakeholder in case of joint account holder in 7/12 and 8-A of land

Smart Hand Tools Kit Target

Resource assistance for farmers is targeted to benefit from this scheme. In view of which the applications of the applicant farmers will be accepted and subsidy will be given.

• The state has set a potential target of 20,000 for the year 2021-22.

યોજના Farmer Beneficiaries Economically Weak, OBCs, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and General Castes will benefit from these schemes.

• The applicant should have a farmer land record or a certificate of tribal land right.

• i khedut smart tools will benefit once in a lifetime.

લાભ Farmers will have to apply online on ikhedut portal for the benefit of smart hand tool kit scheme.

Smart Hand Tools Kit Assistance

Only marginal farmers and farm laborers in the State of Gujarat will be entitled to 90% of the total cost or Rs. 10,000 (ten thousand) whichever is less. Applicant farmers will have to purchase the equipment selected in the application as per its number.

Smart Hand Tool Kit List

Concessional rates to eligible farmers under Gujarat Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana 2021

ikhedut online application

To avail the Smart Hand Tools Kit Gujarat and Saadhan Sahay Yojana for farmers, one has to apply online from iKhedut portal. Applicant farmers can apply online from Gram Panchayat, Taluka Office, Computer Operators. Marginal farmers and farm laborers can also apply from home.

The applicant must first type ‘ikhedut’ in the ‘Google Search Bar’.

• Where to open the website

બાદ After opening Khedut website, click on “Plan”.

Click After clicking on the scheme, open the “Agriculture Schemes” at No. 5.

Open After opening “Agriculture Scheme” where 1. Farmers will be shown drums and two plastics free of cost, 2. Crop storage structure scheme, 3. Water tank construction scheme, 4. Freight carrier scheme and 5. Smart hand tools etc.

• In which you have to open the website by clicking on “Apply” in “Smart Hand Tool Kit Yojana”.

• Next Are you a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered earlier then you have to do "yes" and if you have not done "no" then you have to process further.

હોય If the applicant is registered, after entering Aadhar Card and Mobile Number, after submitting Captcha Image, he has to apply online.

• If the beneficiary farmer is not registered on the I khedut portal, select 'No' and fill up the Online Form.

Applic Save the application after the farmer has filled in the complete information accurately.

• Applicant farmers will have to check the details again and confirm the application. The online application number will not be updated after the application is confirmed.

• The farmer will be able to get a print based on the application number.

Last date to apply

To avail the benefit of Smart Hand Tools Kit Yojana 2021, the farmer has to go online from any place from 04/08/2021 to 04/10/2021.

Status and reprint of the application

The applicant can check the ikhedut application status manually and get the ikhedut application print out. Can be found through the following link.

Click to know the application status

Click to print the application


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