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Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 | Electric Bike Scheme | Electric Scooter, e-Rickshaw Subsidy

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme 2021 | Electric Bike Scheme | Electric Scooter, e-Rickshaw Subsidy

 e-Rickshaw Subsidy Scheme | 

Two Wheeler Price List 2021-22 | 

Two Wheelers Authorized Dealers List |

 e Scooter Scheme Benefits | 

Electric Vehicle Scheme Gujarat | 

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Application Form | 

Two Wheeler or Three Wheeler Subsidy Yojana

Pollution is increasing day by day all over the world. It is our moral responsibility to protect and nurture the environment. Increasing the use of conventional energy is very important to save the environment. With this objective in mind, different countries are inventing pollution-free equipment. Battery powered scooters, rickshaws and cars are also running. In order to increase the use of electric scooters and e-rickshaws by the Gujarat government, subsidy is given on the purchase of these vehicles to keep the air clean.

Gujarat Electric E-Vehicle Scheme 2021

The scheme has been implemented by the Climate Change Department, Government of Gujarat to reduce environmental pollution and increase the consumption of battery powered and electric vehicles. The scheme is implemented by Gujarat Energy Development Agency - GEDA.

Electric Vehicle Subsidy Gujarat Scheme was released by Chief Minister Hon'ble Vijaybhai Rupani on 17th September. Under this Subsidy Scheme, Rs. 12,000 (twelve thousand) will be given on purchase of battery operated two-wheeler for Std. As well as 48,000 / - (forty eight) thousand subsidy will be given on purchase of three wheeler for citizens and organization.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Eligibility

Subsidy on purchase of electric scooter and e-rickshaw is paid to the citizens of Gujarat under GEDA Gujarat Gov in Bike Yojana. Eligibility of beneficiaries has been determined by "Gujarat Energy Development Agency" to avail the benefits of this scheme, which are as follows.

Beneficiary should be a citizen of Gujarat.

Gujarat two wheeler scheme will be available only to students of Std-9 and 12 and colleges of the state.

The Three Wheeler Scheme will be available to individuals and organizations in the state.

Gujarat Electric Vehicle Scheme Benefits

The use of e-scooters and e-rickshaws needs to be increased to protect and preserve the environment. With this in mind, Battery Operated Two Wheeler Scheme 2021-22 has been implemented in which the beneficiaries are given subsidy on purchase of vehicles. The details of what the benefits of this scheme are as follows.

Under this scheme 12,000 / - assistance will be given to Std-9 to 12 and college students on purchase of electric scooter.

48,000 / - subsidy will be given on purchase of Three Wheeler or e-rickshaw for individuals and organizations.

Under Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme, the subsidy amount will be credited to the bank account through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Beneficiaries under this scheme will be provided electric vehicles without revenue.

Both boys and girls will be eligible for the scheme.

Electric Bike Sahay Yojana Documents

Students from Gujarat will need the following documents to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Student's bona fide certificate or marksheet

Access to school / college fees

Beneficiary's Aadhaar card

Certificate of race

Copy of bank account

Passport size photo

If you want to buy a high speed battery operated two wheeler, you need a driving license

e Rickshaw Scheme Document

Citizens of Gujarat will need the following documents for purchase of e-rickshaw.

Two Wheeler Price List 2021-22Click Here
Three Wheelers Model and Price List 2021-22Click Here
Two Wheeler Application Form and List of DocumentsClick Here
Documents Required for E-RickshawClick Here

Driver's license of Three Wheeler on purchase of e-rickshaw

Person's Aadhaar card

Certificate for registration of the organization for purchase under Tri-Chakri (e-rickshaw) scheme

Copy of organization's bank account

Gujarat e-Vehicle Scheme Application Form

Battery Operated Two Wheeler Scheme and Battery Operated Three Wheeler Scheme Application Form has been prescribed to the citizens of Gujarat. The application form can be obtained free of cost from the GEDA website. This application form can be downloaded from the button below.

E Vehicle Two Wheeler Application Form pdf

E Rickshaw Application Form

Three Wheeler Application Form Pdf

The process of applying for an electric vehicle

To avail the benefits of this scheme, one has to go to the official website of Gujarat Energy Development Agency - GEDA and get the application form. Application Form of this scheme can be downloaded free of cost. Then the following action has to be taken.

Hero DealersClick Here
Ampere dealer panel GujaratClick Here
Jitendra Ev Bikes DealersClick Here
Electotherem Authorized DealersClick Here
Viertric Motors DealersClick Here
lords marks  Industries DealersClick Here
Okinawa DealersClick Here
Overa E- Bikes DealersClick Here
Raj Electromotives DealersClick Here
ward wizard DealersClick Here
Diwa Dealer ListClick Here

The beneficiary has to fill in the information as requested in his application form.

Fill in the application form and attach the document.

Companies that have been empaneled by selecting the manufacturer and model will then have to sign the coins.

After filling the information in the application form and selecting the model, the form can be submitted to the dealers of the selected manufacturers.

Application form for availing Electric Bike Subsidy in Gujarat can also be submitted at GEDA office.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme Online Registration

Gujarat Electric e-Vehicle Scheme Online Application Beneficiaries will be able to apply online from Digital Gujarat Portal. Online applications for the scheme will be launched by the state government soon. Whose official notification will be placed on Digital Gujarat Portal.

GEDA Bike Price List

Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Government of Gujarat has prepared price list for two wheelers and three wheelers for this scheme. The electric vehicle can be purchased from designated dealers. Electric Bike Price in Gujarat can be downloaded from the following link


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