AC does not weigh 1000-2000 kg… then why is it called 1 ton-2 ton AC?

The summer season is in full swing. From the beginning of April, the heat has started to increase and the need for AC from home to office has started. When you go to buy an AC, you are asked many kinds of questions. You may have thought of some things in advance. Which brand of AC do you want to get પડશે Window AC or Split AC શું What is your budget… etc.

When you go to a showroom or an electronics or home appliance store, the salesman asks you some questions. Another important question you are asked - how many tons of AC will you take? 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton…? Many are annoyed by this question.

Many people think that there is an AC that weighs so much? Is AC so heavy? Then the salesman explains to you. However, there must be a question about this. AC does not weigh 1000, 1500 or 2000 kg… then why is it called 1 ton, 1.5 ton or 2 ton AC?

The first thing to understand is what is a ton?

Is the standard for measuring ton weight. For example, grams, kilograms, quintals, etc. 1000 grams is 1 kilogram. 100 kilograms is 1 quintal, while one ton is about 9 quintals. Gram to kilogram and quintal etc. is the domestic standard, while tonjage is the foreign standard. If you are sure, 1 ton is about 907.18 kg. However, its meaning is different for AC.

What is a ton in AC?

When you are asked how many tons of AC you want to take, it does not mean that the AC will weigh that much. Tons a.c. That means the cooling you get happens. That means the energy to cool the house. Ton means A.C. In, this way you can assume that the more tons of AC the more it will have the ability to cool the area.

1 ton of AC will mean that 1 ton of ice will cool your room, 1 ton of AC will cool the room. Then 2 tons of AC will be equal to 2 tons of ice. This is the only simple meaning that very few people know about. It is directly related to the size of your room. If your room is 10 by 10 i.e. 100 square feet, 1 ton of AC is enough for you. If the room is more than 100 square feet and less than 200 square feet, 1.5 tons of AC will be needed. At the same time, it would be more appropriate to take 3 tons of AC for a room of more than 200 square feet.


AC does not weigh 1000-2000 kg… then why is it called 1 ton-2 ton AC?

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